# US East Coast

Come in and play.

The server will reboot everyday at 8am EST.

Need to report a hacker with proof, server downtime? Email us here


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Poll for wipe http://poll.pollcode.com/6262638 12/7

Was just playing this server last night, great job with it man.

Having a blast man keep up the good work

Spawned in server and died instantly :v:

This server is decent, but the dupe bug is clearly in play as everyones house gets broken into every day because a few players have duped the crap out of their C4.


I had banned one person that was caught duping if you see anymore please email us. Thank you.

US EAST COAST II is not in any way affiliated with # US EAST COAST do not be fooled with name snatchers hah =D

Sorry for the down time today 11/30 our server cluster was under attack by a DDOS. The issue has sense been resolved and the server will continue on as normal.

Just did a server wipe 12/1… Will not do another one unless there is a Huge update.

Server Outage / DDOS (In Progress) Server will be back up as soon as the situation changes…

Sorry for the inconvenience…

u can setup your server to time out after 2 seconds…that will stop people from duping in your server…

The server.clienttimeout is set to 2 atm I’m not sure how much lower I can possible set it. Unless its not taking effect but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

We seem to be having difficulties with the server today 12/7 the issue is under investigation and will be resolved ASAP.

Issue has been resolved you can now log in as normal…

We sincerely apologize for the downtime and inconvenience… **