[Us East] Dingus Land|24/7 Fair Admins|Sleeper|Oxide|FPS booster

A couple of friends and I have been sick and tired lately of all the abusing admins and all the admins not doing anything about cheaters, so we decided to start up our own server. We will have admins online when we can, which will probably be most the time. The admins do survive, however, we do not spawn anything in, anything we do as a normal player will not be advanced by admin powers! The server is running oxide with a few useful plugins, such as: Owner Remover, Location, Oxmin, Fps booster, P.M, and many more! Join now and invite friends! Airdrops start at 10 people!

Ip: net.connect
-----If you don’t know how to connect with an I.P. press f1 and copy and paste net.connect into the console!

This is a really good server but it could use more people. :slight_smile: