☞|US East|Drop@30|No Dura|Vanilla|Daily Admin ON|4/6|☜

Was wiped about 8 hours ago but many people havent got on it…only a few
Admins will help new players with questions but admins wont be able to spawn items - Sorry
Admins will be on everyday to keep the server clean from hackers
and Yes we will help you remove misplaced walls but cant remove misplaced pillars
and yea you can kill the admins and there wont be any admin abuse

Server will be wiping once in each 2 months
Wiped 5/8 so we’ll be wiping 7/8
Server might get wiped early this month or next month cause of the new update that everyone is talking about idk if its true but if isnt then we’ll be sticking to our wiping schedule which is 7/8
Admins will help teleporting their friends to them if they cant find each other but thats it
Server is getting more and more players each day
2 clans are on the server so check it out if you wanna clan battle with them
we might do clan battle event with a prize and set up arena

Sorry for the title kinda messed up