[US East] Dumb Slunts (PvP / Sleeper / Limited C4)

This is a new server that we’ve started over with. There will be PvP and sleepers. C4 will be in limited supply as to stop bad players from getting carried with air drops. Bases can still be raided with grenades and c4; it will just make everything more challenging. There will be no rules outside of no hacking and no game-breaking exploitation. There will only be admin access to ban and kick. We’ve learned from past mistakes and look to make a really good rust experience for everyone. The server will only be wiped when there is a forced wipe for a major update. The server is hosted in New York and if the server regularly fills up then I will expand to 100 slots.


The Rust All-Stars Server Steam Group

If you like the server feel free to donate, any bit helps.