"[US EAST]Economy/NoFallDmg/NoDurability/1/2Craft/NoDecay/PvP/Cappyland"

Rust [US EAST]Cappyland
Community Group Playing RUST

Server Name: “[US EAST]Econ/missions/TP/OwnRem/NoDur/Nodcay/1/2Craft/PvP”

RUST Server:


Fall Damage is Off
Item Durability is Off
Building Decay is now Off
Crafting is Half Time

Server Mods we are using

OXIDE POWERED http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/
Now Using Rusty - Server RCON administration tool 1.39

*USE /help in chat for all commands and options *
Remover tool use /remove ,and use any melee or firearm to remove building parts. (use at your own risk)
Knock knock allows you to check a players door using E key toggle off and on use /knock
Compass toggle off and on (Off by default) /compass
Groups /ghelp
Uber Arena used only for borders on funhouse of loot.
Bushy Coin Store Sell/Buy Items Via chat /coin
Base Alarms
Bushy chat History /history
Bushy Location shows xyz /location
Bushy TPA request teleport to another player Type /tpr <name> to request a teleport to someone.
Type /tpa to accept a teleport request.
DeathHandler shows player killed and killer with what weapon
Decay ,Stops decay on players buildings /decay
Doorshare allows sharing of all your doors to another player /share /unshare /sharelist
Starter Kit gives player some help getting started /kits or /kit starter
Player List shows all players currently in game /list
Oxmin Admin Mod,Makes my job easier…
Advanced Missions 2.0.3 use /mission

Thank you for Playing on the Server
COINSTORE INFO see discussion or http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Cappyland/discussions/0/540738052549263919/

We as admins are not here to give back items lost in restarts, game glitches,stolen or pvp lost items and bugs. So please unless you’re whole character data is lost do not ask Admins to replace lost items. This is a ALPHA game in development and these things occur,
Only Cappy and RjaKotari can assist you with these Issues.

Note: Certain Issues may be a legitimate cause for a Item/s return,but these are rare occasions and will be decided by the Admin/s on duty.

Thank you for Playing on the Server

Have a good group of players off and on Come join the fun.

I have added Groups and the Uber Arena is finished. We are looking for new players and old as well, we have about 10-15 avg a day on most of the time and growing. All welcome !!!

Awesome server friendly admins.

Thank you, Glad you’re enjoying the game play !! All welcome come join us.

Fair and Friendly Admins great community + nice list of mods… :stuck_out_tongue:

NOW USING Remover tool,allows players to remove their own House parts using any melee or firearm to remove them using ’ /remove ’ in chat to toggle off and on.

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Thanks iWalk glad to have you on.

Removed Night lights as it was spiking cpu a bit.

Fresh Wipe today, Map is clean come rebuild

Having a Great time here in CappyLand come on and join the fun, friendly admins and players too for the most part. HMU if i’m in game i’ll help ya out a bit.