Fresh new server (As of 2/16/14) looking for new players. All are welcome to join. Our server is administrated by mature community moderators.

**-**Server wipes only when voted for.
**-**Active Moderators
**-**No mods installed but looking into options.
**-**Sleep on disconnect.

Join via F1 “net.connect” or look us up on the list.

**-**No Hacking or Exploiting. Just because the game is incomplete, it doesn’t mean you can take advantage of a bug.
**-**Be a respectful player. Harassing someone in chat could get you banned.
**-**Don’t complain and whine to the server about how you got raided. It happens, no one cares.
**-**Try to play fair when you can. There’s nothing to gain by killing the new guy 15 times.

Suggestions and reviews are always welcome below and you can get in touch with a moderator on our community site
at www.empclan.com.

So I joined this server last night and my experience was pretty good. No server lag and great connection. But back to my experience so there is a lot of undeveloped spots so very easy to get started also some guy is giving out pick axes and trading blue prints which made it much easier to get started. Also he helped me get my settings corrected so the graphics looked the best for what my computer could handle. I did meet a terrorist or territorial guy what ever you want to call him. He chased me off his “land”, but I plan on coming back to return the shower of bullets he gave me. Besides him most of the ppl have been friendly and either shooed me off or given some sort of advice on getting started. So overall great server plenty of room friendly ppl exceptions being get off my land man. Hopefully more groups of ppl start showing up I am excited to see what type of action going to come from large groups showing up and ppl ls true colors start showing. Overall good server for me the noob and the more advanced like get of my land man.

Low pop right now but there are lots of good places to build and there are more then one person giving out pick axes. Seems like they are trying to get new people on the sever. There is a huge scary base though. Be aware

Nice server, Bambi friendly.

very fun seems like more and more people are joining every day can’t wait to see what feuds start building. btw i meet that get off my land guy yesterday and we had it out.

It’s nice to see this kind of feedback. So far we haven’t had any troublemakers on the server. Everyone seems to be getting along besides a raid here or there.

Update: Server has been updated to the latest patch.

Note: Airdrop settings have been adjusted and should drop more often now.