[US EAST] EverRust.com | Wiped 2/20 | Active Admins | PvP | 1/2 Craft | Airdrops | Sleepers

Welcome to the EverRust.com Server Page

**Play Rust with EverRust! **
US|CHICAGO based server location and **600+ friendly players. **

net.connect play.everrust.com:28025 in console to join (Press F1 for Console)
***Current Configuration: [US] EverRust.com | PvP | 1/2Craft | Airdrops | Sleepers ***

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Absolutely no hackers, exploiting, or cheating of any kind; these actions or behavior will result in a ban. Don’t feel sorry for hackers, they don’t belong on the server.

SERVER WIPE INFORMATION: Currently the plan is to wipe the server player data and structures with each RUST game update release if possible. This will be a general guideline, however, is subject to change. This is done to ensure that the server runs as efficient and smooth as possible while in Alpha. Also may wipe the server at anytime as we see fit, such as instances in which too many structures result in spikes of lag etc.

**Teamspeak Server Information:
teamspeak.everrust.com **

***Useful Rust Links: ***
*Rust Version Changelog: http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Changelog
Oxide Official Page: http://rustoxide.com/
Rust Development Updates: https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust
Rust Map: http://playrustwiki.com/images/6/69/NewMap.jpeg *

**Overview of the EverRust.com Administration: **
B1NaRy [Owner]
Fohdron [Senior Admin]
Spoon [Admin]
Wargasim [Admin]
CHODER [Admin]
Nemean [Moderator]

Join our Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EverRust

I have played 600 plus hours on rust,tired of getting banned for being good? tired of hackers roaming free? tired of admins who will abuse there powers simply because you raid them or beat them in gun fights? Me too!!! I Have found exactly one good/honest group of admins and its these guys. I am not a friend of the admin, or have any relation except playing on this server. If you are looking for guys who work hard to get rid of hackers, who dont ban on pure hackusations and try hard to keep a clean community, then this is your guys server. They give no special treatment and are 100% fair.