[US East] Extreme Survival Server 2/21|InstaCraft|Slpr|Airdrop|

net.connect (to join press f1 and just copy that line)

Why we made it extreme, Military weapons and c4 run way to rampant on other server to the point its no longer a survival game and who has a bigger group and got C4 researched, after countless copy paste servers we decided to go with something different where raiding took planing a bit. and weapons take some skill to take someone down.

We active admins. We try to keep the server as stable as we can, well dealing with developers Patches and mods not working.
We try to never wipe but Garry hates us and makes patches that force wipes.
Currently we have a smaller player base on the server so join now and get ahead in the server before everyone joins.
With no c4 raiding is still possible the custom loot table dose drop nades more offten, and makes for some interesting raids when your chucking nades at a base
We are looking to hold an event sometime in the near future with a prize, (working on the details still)
Would like other clans to join
Last Wipe was 2/20/2014

No C4
No Military weapons
No Holo Sights
No Kevlar
Custom Spawn Tables (makes life more interesting)
Kits (3 Kits Avil)
Timed Airdrops
Insta Craft
Craft Controller (only some items)
Rust Essentials
Duribility Damage

Pipe Shotgun
Hand Cannon
F1 Grenades
Bolt Action Rifle
Hunting Bow

Basically none
Hacking isn’t tolerated
Griefing (we mean extreme griefing players)
Admins dont spawn stuff in, (admins will help you recover stuff lost from server crash’s)

Loving the server. The combat is a lot more intense and actually enjoyable with what is available.

Allows for you to start out new and get up and going with out the amount of grief you’d see else where.

loving the new config!!!

If you’re tired of abuse, c4 stacking and just finding it miserable to start up, this server is for you.




Love this type of gameplay, C4 can just ruin it sometimes.

Tired of crappy admins and having your new base blown up with c4?

Check us out. Combat is more exciting, survival more extreme and much more fun!