[US East] Fresh|Wiped 3.15|PvP|SLP|AirDrops|FullCraft|Rust++|Admins

[US East] Fresh|Wiped 3.15|PvP|SLP|AirDrops|FullCraft|Rust++|Admins
Hi all! Fresh server just wiped. We have admins who will take care of any issue that arises! Here is the information about it:
• Friendly Admins who I can guarantee 100% WILL NOT spawn in items or abuse admin abilities!
• Admins are always around via in-game/steam/twitter if needed!
• Fresh server wiped 3.14! Come get a head start!
• PvP and Raiding is allowed.
• Server uses Rust++
• Doorsharing/door passwords!
• Starter Kits to help newcomers!
• Full Craft
• Sleepers
• Will have limited wipes! (If a new update demands it or if it gets over populated only!)
• Airdrops at 12 or more players in game!
• PvP is encouraged, but not required. (Friendly players are always a plus too!)
• Safety in numbers! So bring your friends! Groups will not be limited like other servers!
• C4 is craftable and obtainable through crates!
• Server is completely Vanilla with Rust++ added. (Spawns/Drop rates not altered)

Come have fun and enjoy the server! Thanks guys! See you in the WORLD!

Looks good! I will come check it out tonight!

We are literally on right now! Come play with us!

Best server up!

Great server!

Thanks! hehe make sure to check twitch.tv too! We have a few people who stream the server while playing!

Was on last night. Smooth server with no lag on my end! Will play here for a while!