[US East]|Fresh|Wiped3/4|Sleeper|PvP|AirDrops|NoAdminAbuse|

I am running a server. We have had a lot of players come and go. We just had a wipe today and are looking for players who need/want a fresh start and an even playing field. I personally will state that I will not allow any admin abuse and or spawning of items! I want everyone to enjoy and have a good time doing whatever they enjoy doing in the world of Rust. (PvP/Crafting/Raiding) Come and check us out!


  • Friendly / Fair / Active Admins daily
  • Airdrops
  • Growing Server, PvP
  • Full crafting!
  • Sleepers
  • Friendly people around, come have fun!
  • We have a nightly area battle, built by the admins, to fight for bulk resources! (Can’t do until we have more than 10 on at a time! :wink: )

Guys, come connect and have fun! You definitely won’t meet more fair and friendly admins on a server! Thank you guys so much!


Theres arenas that goes on in here! JOIN UP ASAP!

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Airdrops currently set to 10 :smiley:

Server has started to grow. PvP is getting fun. Come join!!!

Server is great! Players friendly and ruthless. Will be playing here! Admin was helpful and informative about issies with the game!

Server has been fun guys! Keep up the good work!