US East is now a sleeper server?

I thought the sleeper servers were just an experiment and that they were only on select servers. I just had a buddy log out and i was able to kill his body and loot him while he was logged off. I’m on US West (not a sleeper experiment server)

Nope. US East is a sleeper also.

Seems as though most servers are sleeper servers now.

Did US West become one? And is it wiped?

Not sure…you just need to log in with a buddy and check it out.

ok so i have another problem with this sleeper experiment crap. the servers go down ALL the time. so i was out on us west fully loaded and killing zombies, now i’m laying there on the ground and having to sit here and refresh every few min to see if the server is up. because once its back up my body is just going to be laying in the damn street where i DCed. i’d much rather be playing another game then having to worry about people coming to kill me in the street. so now i’m stuck here either willing to lose all my gear or sit here till the server comes back up. totally not cool and really upset that i purchased this game right now. you had servers that were sleeper experiments why are you bringing them to the other servers without even giving us a choice? i understand this is an alpha but take care of other issues like hackers instead of giving the hackers the chance to just walk into my house and kill my sleeping body and taking all my shit…