US East Limited/Rare C4/Sleepers/Adult Admin/Extended Daylight(45Minutes)/Doorshare/Newer Server


I would like to offer my server to those that enjoy the game and wish to play with out Admin Abuse. I hear a lot about it in the forums and I feel I have a lot to offer in the way of maturity(I am a 38 yrs old). First off, it is a game and as such I play knowing that dying is no big deal, nor is getting killed by others. I don’t have the biggest base, I don’t spawn materials, I don’t raid(To avoid appearances of shadiness), I don’t attack unless attacked, I don’t walk around in god mode unless I am investigating a player, I am attentive to players, I am open to suggestions, and I will never give admin powers to anyone else.

The Server - It is a fairly new server created on 2/14 with a small population currently. Max so far has been about 13 players just this last weekend. It is a PVP server with one person in particular that enjoys killing. It has Oxide installed with the following Plug-ins - Chat History, Cheat Punch, Cheat punch/VAC Ban Checker, Crafting Controller (Cannot Craft C4, Can currently craft Grenades. C4 and Grenades only drops in Airdrops which I control in order to call them when there is sufficient population. I do not try to get crates from Airdrops.), Daysettings (Daytime is about 45 minutes, Night time is about 20 minutes), Death messages (shows who killed who), Door share, Auto Grass Off, List(list online players), Loot Tables (Controlled C4 and Grenades, Difficult to find Military Weapons), Private Messaging, Probe, Remove Tool, Starter Kit (Stone Hatchet), and Stats (see top killers, hunters and so on.).

Technical - IP

Take care!