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Update out today thought I’d finally make a facepunch username. Mad Tea Party is a multi-gaming community that’s slowly expanding into rust. I bought my first server on December 14; sadly we got ddosd for almost week and lost most of our population. That didn’t hold me back from playing so I bought another server. Now that things are running smoother on the servers I’m ready to build our community back up.

Vanilla Server:
Fastcraft Server:

Little bit about myself. I have been administrating servers for various games since the early 2000’s. I have only 2 other veteran admins working with myself. We keep our servers clean and check out every player profile. If their is a problem on the servers or if you need any help please feel free to add me on steam.

No we do not TP players. We are not a taxi service, and don’t want to risk players taking advantage of this system for raiding.
Wipes are only done by a community vote, for server stability (notice in advance), or forced by rust.

Thanks for the read,
Special Gregory

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In case anyone needs to add me on steam or just wants to check out my profile.

Rust Website: www.madteaparty.enjin.com
Official Website: www.madteaparty.org

Myself banning a dupper on his own stream: http://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/1ue606/streamer_caught_duping/

This server is the tits yo. Been playing on it for a few months and love the atmosphere and how theyre not all hella lame. bump for days^

I love this server. The admins are reasonable and quick to resolve issues. They always rid the server of cheaters after considerable investigation, rather than exiling them simply because one person claimed they were sketchy. Special Greg really knows how to handle things. He puts other players before himself. Overall, a really fun and enjoyable environment to play in.


We’d love for some more people to join us.