[US] East - New Player Friendly - Military Admins - Sleepers [75 Slot]

If you’re a prick looking to cause intentional grief to other players merely for your own entertainment, you need not read any further.

Server IP-Port:

We’re a new server seeking dedicated players.

Our staff consists admin that have been actively administrating gaming servers for years across a wide variety of gaming titles.

We strive to develop servers that are specific to playability and enjoyment of those who join, and offer round the clock support to players for any issues that may occur.

We provide a RaidCall Group to players to receive assistance at any hour, and a TeamSpeak Server for those who aren’t akin to RaidCall.


While we support competitive PvP for what it brings to gaming enjoyment, we do not support individuals who intentionally cause grief to other users.

Intentionally attempting to blockade a player base, constructing loot hold structure on boxes, and intentionally killing freshly spawned players will not be tolerated.

While competitive play offers grounds for banter and acceptable trash talking, there is a line where such conduct is taken too far. Any remarks belittling an individuals race, religion, nation of origin, gender, or sexual preference, will not be tolerated.

-How do you play?:

If you’re seeking a server that caters to all aspects of PvP and Raiding, while protecting the sanctity of mutual player respect, then you’ve found the right place.

If you’re tired of not being capable of locating any resources to get off the ground due to being frequently killed by full Kevlar players with Assault Rifles, the moment you spawn, then this server is for you.

If you’re eager to learn the mechanics of building, harvesting, and crafting, and game setting optimizations, in a helpful environment, then this is the server for you.


Due to the current playable area of Rust, and the frequency of users joining servers and constructing a shack to never return, we’ve intentionally set the available player slots to 75. This should help stem the tide of building areas, and help cut down on the competitive nature for resources.

Thank you for considering our server for your Rust experience.

Take care, and happy gaming.