[US EAST] NEW SERVER|PvP|FastCraft|Active Admin| No Abuse

Server info.

This server is fairly new, our max population was 10, averages about 4-6 people on prime times.
Majority of the people on the server are friendly.
We are in need of more people!

To join the server:
Open console by pressing F1 key.
Copy and paste below into the console.

-> Rust++
->> Basic Starter kit (Sleeping bag, stone hatchet, 1 flare for light)
->> 75% faster crafting
->> Rare Airdrops
-> Cheatpunch (plugin to prevent hackers/cheaters)
-> PvP
-> Sleepers
-> No Wipes (unless it’s required for major Rust patch, fresh as of Feb. 14th)

******No Admin Abuse
*** 0 Tolerance for Hackers/Cheaters
*Daily Server Reboot (nothing is wiped)
Suggestions are welcome

6 new players!

This is the best server i’ve joined
Admin is really active and just like earlier some guy TRIED to hack with his aimbot and high jump and he got the banhammer instantly

You should all join this server, a lot of people are friendly too but its still a pvp so its fun. Come join

Server is back online, after today’s update. No Wipe

Tried out your server today…had a great time until bear ate me. Only second day playing rust…have been heavy into 7DTD.

Doesn’t seem to be as many resources as on others…very little wood,etc. is that adjustable?

I will keep at it