US[EAST]--NO PVP--/Airdrops 5+/No Durability/No Wipes

Server Info:

Hello Folks, This server is for the PVE folks out their who want to Raid/Build/Torment others/Slaves/Slavers and so Forth.
I will not wipe server ever, all player data is saved daily. No hacks or cheats please, I will remove you.

Plus, daily scavenger hunts for those 1by1 metal shacks, They could have stuff or not.

Admins are none, Thier just want be any around.

Server is setup just like official test except for minor things mentioned above.

So come on over, have some fun, and enjoy what company that may happen to show up


This server has become very active since the Official PVE server went down.

Many folks are heading their, and the admin is no where to be seen.
But, he does have a swift hand in the matters their.
Its evolving as we speak, and many many adventures await u their.

Its PVE, sleepers are on, and their is mystery surrounding this place.

U can raid, no cheats//BAN//, grief others bases, slavers are welcome.

So head on over and give it a try, Sungod welcomes all new worshippers.

Today, A new Chapter has started on the Server.

As more and more refugees arrive on The Island, So does the Mystery of who/or whom The islands Purpose is.
Their was aloud Crack in the air this morn, somewhere over the loud speakers hidden in the surrounding areas, you could hear the crackle of it booming about “Morgan Freeman has been commissioned”
We don’t know why it was said or to whom it may have been addressed to, but I can assure you its not going to be pleasant on The island anymore. many folks are settling in real cozy like, and their was an alter shack at lil rad a few days before.

The poor lad who was in the shack was bloated very well, from the radiation of Lil Rad.(Cooked inside out)
Their was at one time from some that the Sungod had many disciples about, could one of them come ashore these last few days.
Only time will tell, so come on over to The Island, you could become a hit, or flounder away with those who could not survive.
Chapter 1 has just started.4/20/2014

*Morgan Freeman imposters will be kicked/ban…
**You can raid/grief/slave/ers
***any cheats like box hack, or anything that may be cheating will be permabanded.

New server info: PVE/RP/ airdrops 10+, and usefull mods.

Server Info:

I allso welcome RP groups to the server.

Any teams as well are welcome or a Guild, this could add flavor to the server as their has been so much peace lately.

Server is molded based on what folks do or lack of.
I will provide some entertainment, Goodies, and Mystic to who or whom provides content.
****Friday morn is weekly tweeks to server, adjustments are made or changed to better suit the population.


Server is set up as close to Official PVE, 1 time per week adjustments, Roleplaying is allowed and liked.

I welcome all folks, young and old. Lots of mystery here yet to unfold, and be a part of a story or make your on story as you progress further.

Prove your might, or lash out your lips about, here you can become what ever you want.

But their are those who may challange you, so bring the challange and lets role around and see who can hang.
Can you survive, can you live next to those who want nothing to do with you, only you can decide your destiny on this server.

***** no wipes ever.Unless an update warrants it.

Today, 4/27/2014.

The Server had its first combined raid upon a base that was constructed by the Sungod, for several hours all seemed to be going well till the Guardian appeared. His destruction took out their makeshift builidng nearby the structure, and one death was reported. Guardian removed what looked like stairs attached to the outside, and then stopped short of commencing more bodily harm to those nearby.

The raiders were shocked to see this, they were completely surprised.
Sungod spoke"Im happy, but sad."

Guardian explained" defiled my base, I will protect it.

**Guardian-Sungods protector, he will protect base when online, he has a short range from base to protect and will cause death.
***Morgan-hes SunGods disciple, He can roam anywhere and will deal destruction to those bases that are a nuisance to the server–allso he will ask for, and request a scavenger hunt as an offering to appease his forthcoming or shortcoming…interaction will happen.

till next time, your fun heightened by my interaction…

Enjoy all the fun this server has to offer, Friendly folks, and some maybe not.

Raid away if thats your thing.
Form aliances or become a bandit, its all yours to decide.

You can make history with others, and reshape the balance of power on your actions.
Start today, and forge a lasting impression for all to enjoy.