[US EAST] NoBullRust | Oxide | Cool Admins | Noob Friendly | Sleepers | Naked On | 1/4 Crafting Time | Auto Starter Kit | New Map 1/24/2014 | Door Share |


It’s a friendly new server for new people and pvp alike.

!!New player help!!

To connect: At the menu of rust press the “F1” key. This opens the console.

Copy and paste the following command into the field.


Press “enter” key and you will be connected!




/tpa <player> (<player> must /tpaccept)


/share <player> (door sharing)


/quest list (list available quests)

/quest join <name> (activate a quest)

/quest done (check completion status of quests)

Generous auto starterkit, new players must die in order to receive. We also have Base Alarm which alerts you when your structures are under attack!