[US EAST] Omega - PVP|Slow Progression|No-Craft Explosives|Sleepers|Custom Loot/Crafting

This is a PVP Server Do battle on the wasteland of rust armed with little more than your own cunning and perhaps a trusty pipe shotgun. OMEGA is Rust the way it is intended to be played. Military weapons are a scarce, explosives cannot be crafted, and everyone is on a virtually even playing field.
This server is great if you’re a loner. Large groups don’t have the advantage of pooling resources and crafting unlimited high-end weapons and c4, destroying your base and stealing all your hard earned Tuna cans. Like everyone else they’ll have to venture out from their fortresses to gather new weapons and contest rad areas which are the only sources of military weapons. C4 is also rare which means your base, despite not being massive should be relatively secure in comparison to c4 craft servers.
Military weapons are both rare and more expensive than normal to craft.

net.connect ustx90.playrust.eu:28015

US East 250 Slot Server
-Modded with Oxide
-Custom Loot tables making military weapons rare.
-uncraftable explosives preventing massive stockpiles of C4 granting slightly more peace of mind to players without unlimited hours to dedicate to the game.
-Military weapons and Kevlar have custom recipes making them more expensive to craft and require Blueprints to complete.
-½ craft
-Fair and honest admins
-Occasional events
-slower progression
-sleepers on
-Drop rates of weapons from weapons chests works like this: There is a 3% chance to drop an item from a military weapons list from a weapons chest (Grey and Blue). From that list the most common military weapons in descending order are are 9mm, p250, shotgun, mp5, m4, Bolt Action, c4.

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