[US East] Oxide | new(3/5) | Active Admin | Mature | Instacraft | tp | economy


Welcome Rust community, as with most server providers we’ve grown sick of playing on servers without active admins. We’ve launched this server with 50 slots from gameservers (so far, so good), and certainty plan to increase the slot count as the community grows.

We will listen to and work with our community in order to provide the best user experience possible. Think you should only have 1 TP a day instead of 10? Tell us! We’d love to hear your feedback and will actively consider any requests we get. On that note, we are also looking for a few additional moderators / server admins. If you’re interested please contact me here or preferably on steam(Fugi).

****Today only we have a special starter kit for new users, see the bottom of this post for more info.

****What can you expect?

********- Fresh server! We will never wipe unless absolutely necessary. **
- Act like an adult, I don’t care if you’re 8 years old and the frequency of your voice hurts my ears. As long as you act mature you are more than welcome to join our community!
- Hackers/Dupers will be banned.
- We love PVP, but excessive griefing or killing new players won’t be tolerated.
- We will listen to the community, and modify the server accordingly. Like / dislike a feature? Tell us! This server is built with you in mind.
- Friendly people and noob friendly
- We look forward to surviving with you!

******To join us **
1. Press F1 at the start menu of Rust.
2. Copy and paste or type in this phrase: net.connect
3. Press ENTER and you’re done!

****We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO admin abuser tolerated. Our admins are to act as NON PLAYERS when conducting any sort of admin business. We plan to have events further down the road after the server populated.

****We also have a TS3 server, we encourage you to join us: ts60.gameservers.com:9242****

*******Features ***
-Door sharing
-REPORTING (type /report <user> <message> to report a player)
-Sleepers off(currently will remain for a period of time to prevent combat log, then disappear)
-Fall Damage off(may change)
-Durability off(may change)
**-Removal tool **
-Custom loot list
-Ping (type /ping for your current ping to the server)
-Airdrops at 7 players (might be changed)
-Player List
-Player location
-Bounty Board
-Starter Kits(/kit)
- and more…

******As we get more people back on server we’ll start hosting events with prizes and any other cool things we may think of. **

****Promo kit: To get things started we are offering a one time only promotion kit that will include the following…
Wood Foundation x2

Wood Pillar x6

Wood Wall x5

Wood Doorway x1

MetalDoor x1

Hatchet x1

Bow x1

Arrows x20