[US EAST] Oxide|NoSleep|InstaCraft|AirDrops|AlwaysDay|NoobFr iendly

Server name:
[US EAST] Oxide|NoSleep|InstaCraft|AirDrops|AlwaysDay|NoobFriendly

IP Address:
Started fresh as of 2/14/2014

To connect press F1 and type net.connect

Vote for us at http://rust-servers.org/server/426

Instant craft timing, no fall damage, permaday, no sleepers.
Hackers/Dupers will be banned.
We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO admin abuse.

Slots: 50 temporarily
Airdrops: On
Sleepers: Off
Crafting Speed: Instant
Fall Damage: Off
Time Scale: Permanent daylight
Mods Installed: Oxide, Door Sharing, Oxmin, Pickaxe Removal
Active Admins: Yes
Beginner Friendly: Yes


  • Door sharing: share your doors with friends through /share or /unshare commands in chat
  • Oxmin admin mod
  • Players online: use /who to see how many players are in the server
  • No fall damage
  • Permanently daytime
  • Airdrops set at 5 until we grow as a community
  • Starter Kits automatically given on respawn/reconnect
  • Homes: set your home with /sethome or /sethome2, and teleport back home with /home or /home2
  • Explosive Charges and Explosives cannot be researched. Airdrops onto to prevent massive amounts of C4 usage.

We have just started and will continue to improve for your enjoyment. Please come join us and have some fun :slight_smile:


Please share your thoughts and recommendations on what you think can be added to this server for future improvements.

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  • Added starter kits and home system (2/15/2014)
  • Added economy and stats bonus system (2/16/2014)

Soon to come:

  • To be announced

This server has been updated with more news to come. Come join and have some fun :]


Bump, needs updated to reflect current plugins. Remover is ADMIN ONLY at the moment. Economy is functioning properly and there is an Arena. :slight_smile: