[US East] Parent's Playground (PVP/Sleep/Low Loot Tables/Adults)

TS3-For Whitelist
Or PM me here or On Steam

This is an Adult’s Only Server! Dedicated to the Hard working Mom’s and Dad’s that want to enjoy the game as much as the kid’s, but don’t want to deal with the immaturity. Pvp is Enabled, but “Bambi” Killing is extreamly discouraged. Loot Tables have been Reduced(Earn your Gear) Common Sense is a Must! If you log in expecting to Run Rampant, think again, BanHammer is swift and brutal! TS3 Server Active and Highly Encouraged. So if your a Parent or just an Adult looking for some Adult interaction c’mon in!

This server is a Work In Progress! Expect Wipes, Expect Thing’s to Need Adjusting! But Expect Fun!



Removed the Whitelist for now. Loots tables need testing, feel free to have at it. Expect a wipe in a few days tho!