[US EAST]PrestigeWorldwide/PVP/Balanced Loot/Uncraftable Explosives/Oxide/Half Craft

● East Coast Server
● 100 Slots, Increasing as playerbase matches
● Many Planned Server Events
● Oxide
● Clans, Nomads and New Players, All Welcome

Server Mechanics:
● PvP Sleepers
● Half Craft
● Door Sharing
● Starter Kits
● Airdrops
● Custom Loot/Crafting Restrictions
● Groups
● Trackable Stats
● Death Messages

Altered Loot:
● Unresearchable/Uncraftable: M4, Bolt Action, Kevlar Armor, Explosives, Large Wood Storage (only obtainable from drops)
● Blueprints removed completely, everything must be manually researched
● Research kits are now rare as well as charges being extremely rare
● To craft charges, you now have a chance to obtain explosives from certain loot spawns
● Weapon spawns have been tweaked to add more balance and importance

The main aim was to prevent massive groups running around zerging people while fully geared, I want players to enjoy playing on the server and be able to coexist with clans if they so choose, not be driven out. The changes made to the loot are intended to add importance to items and prioritization of what to research and when to do so, when you venture from home, you might think twice about bringing your full kevlar and military weapons seeing as how your death and gear is more important to your survival than before. I have many plans for the future of the server including many server events with rewards for participants, I intend to work with my servers players to build the server into not just what I want, but the community wants, the concept of the loot changes and crafting restrictions are set in stone but other things are up for discussion, and im all ears. If you’re interested in a server thats balanced, has fair admins, and intends to run a peaceful, and fair server, then press f1 in game, and paste: net.connect into your console and get started, feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk.

Whats your plans for events?

I plan on adding economy if everyone is cool with it and having it intermingle with a plugin called purge. Basically I’ll give everyone a heads up so they have time to build some defensive fortifications and during the purge, the money recieved for killing is doubled and all doors are unlocked for mass raiding. Some people may not like this, some people may, but if its implemented correctly It will be a fun feature to have, as long as you take proper precautionary measures, you can remain safe. Be careful about the enemies you make, they might come hunting during the purge! Also plan on building a few arenas in isolated places where they dont mess with the map, and im gonna have arena battles, maybe set some stuff up where people can choose their loadouts, things for clan battles so when clans fight each other it doesnt always have to blowback on the server pop. There will be rewards for certain events, most likely something along the lines of a supply signal so its slightly random what they recieve.

yo this server is awesome and i love it so far!