[US East] PvP / Sleeper - Aids McGuff's Server

This is a dedicated US east server (hosted in New York). The admin(s) will be very active and will be only banning for hacking or game-breaking exploitations (with substantial evidence). We will always have sleepers and PvP on, no exceptions. If the server were to go down we will promptly contact the hosting company and make sure it gets resolved as soon as possible. The server currently has 50 slots and I will upgrade to 100 if we begin to gain a decent amount of active players. Anyone is welcome and I will try to help newer players, but I will not give handouts via console. Anything goes in this server and there will not be any admin abuse, item spawning, official “server events”, or anything that deviates from normal gameplay (with potential exception to airdrops if they are too frequent on their automatic setting). I will leave airdrops to default and be active with 10 or more players, but if they occur too frequently they will be disabled or pushed back to a higher user count. I have only played on a server without air drops and am going to test it out with them enabled. After figuring how everything is going to go with this server, I’ll make this more concise with how everything will work, but essentially it will just be played the way it is intended to be played with PvP and sleepers. There are no consequences for “bad” language and whatever else, I firmly believe in not having any censorship (with exception to spamming). I look forward to having active people on the server so we can survive with friends and enemies alike. If there are any issues, comments, or suggestions post here and I will respond promptly.

TL;DR - PvP and sleeper enabled, 50 slots and willing to upgrade, anything is allowed except hacking and exploiting, and post here for any comments or suggestions.

Press F1 to gain access to console and copy/paste the following:


Bump for changing the server permanently to New York, we uguu now.

It’s back up and all good. DDoS be damned.

They changed the server IP, wiping everything. Everything is good now, but everything is starting over again.

Just another bump saying the server is fully updated and working, feel free to join. Everything got wiped and we’re all starting out, maybe 5-6 hours in.

I wiped and restarted the server after some issues, so if anyone is interested check out the steam group page.