[US]East PvP/Sleepers/NoLag Fresh 12.20.13

Brand new server just came online based out of New York, I personally receive 30 ping on this server. This server has sleepers, pvp, and no lag. If you are sick of getting spawn camped by people in full kevlar and m4’s, this is where you should be. This server was fresh wiped this morning! The minimum number of people in server required for airdrops is one! Come get started with us. Very helpful admins. Bettie White, Steevy Wonder and Bill Cosby!

1.) Go to your console in game (F1)
2.) Type net.connect
3.) Every time after this first connection, it’ll be in your history under [US] East PvP/Sleepers/NoLag!
4.) Minimum number of people in server required for airdrops: 1.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

You heard it people, save those supply drops until 2a.m!

What us your player cap, I’m really interested in your server and I think I will join it with my buddies. :slight_smile:

You know that there is a sub-forum for Rust-Servers right?

Player cap is 50, can be upgraded in the future.

We will still consider it, I find 50 a bit at the limit we are looking more for 75 to a 100 players with good ping and standard rules. 50 makes it slightly quiet, well that was the case on my last server.
Apart from the 50 cap your server is quite what we are looking for so maybe we will see you there.

Sounds really good to me, I would love to see you guys around. Add my steam if you have any questions. Logancrone12345

Thanks and I will tell my guys who you are!

Sounds great! We currently have 8 online, if we ever reach the 50 man cap, I will upgrade as needed. Ask for Steevy when you get in game if you need any help.

We should be able to handle ourselves but for sure we will be there for trading mats and patterns etc. And we are usually good guys so you should not have any trouble with us.
We ask question first and shoot after.

Sounds good to me man, looking forward to seeing you in game.