[US EAST] RH Gaming | PvP | Sleepers | 1/2 Craft | Active Admins

[US] RH Gaming | PvP | SLEEPERS | 1/2 Craft | NA EAST | DOOR SHARING
net.connect rhgamingrust.servegame.com:28185

Hello Rust players! I am here today to promote a new server that is being created. This server is being created with high expectations in mind so that we can provide players with a server they will always want to log into, a server they will be proud of. We know many players are very frustrated with hackers ruining their game experience and we want to fix that. We are here to make sure you will NEVER have to be abused by hackers so that you can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played.

Zero Tolerance For Hackers
Administration Of Player Activity
ZERO Admin Abuse

Basic Server Information

  1. This server is located in the United States in New York. Players who live close will experience the best ping/latency. The server cap will be 100 players.

  2. This server will have PvP and Sleepers Enabled. We believe this provides the most realistic game experience. Players who seek competition will definitely find it here.

  3. Craft times will be reduced by half. We feel that normal craft times can sometimes be a bit too much. We wanted something that felt less time consuming but not anything faster that felt too easy. We believe ½ is the perfect rate.

  4. C4 Will Be Uncraftable. Airdrops will contain increased amounts of C4 in exchange. Airdrops will be done on a routine basis to stop groups from snowballing.

How Will We Counter Hackers

Hackers have been ruining this game since it released. Players who work hard to gather resources and build raid proof houses are quickly finding their efforts to be futile. With the right amount of admins who have the right goal in mind, we believe it is achievable to stop hackers in their tracks and minimize their influence on the game.

  1. Listening To The Community

Our community of players is what we value the most. We want to make sure you are enjoying your time on our server 100%. Admins are often stuck in tricky situations when it comes down accusations. Our server has private messages so all accusations can be said in private to not spook the hackers into disabling them. We also encourage players to add our admins on steam and speak with them privately when they think someone may be hacking. We will thoroughly investigate all hacker accusations and come to a final decision.

  1. Monitoring Of Player Activity

We the admins will be utilizing our administrative tools to keep track of player activity throughout the day. We believe if you are not hacking you will have nothing to hide. This again comes down to wanting to prevent as much hacking and abuse as possible. We will never teleport a player, kill a player or interact in anyway that will impact your game experience.

Okay well I don’t want to make the post too long so I will sum it up there. I just wanted to give you guys an understanding of what our server will offer. Hopefully you guys are interested in joining. We want to build a tight community of new and experienced players who want to play Rust and have fun. We will have more information posted on our Steam Group Page.

How To Connect:

Open Rust and hit F1 to open the console. Copy and paste our server address which is:

net.connect rhgamingrust.servegame.com:28185

In the mean time you are more than welcome to join our Steam community group!

Added a Steam Community Profile. Feel free to join and ask any questions you have regarding the server!

I was tired of playing on servers with tons of hackers, so me and my friends decided to created a server that has little amounts of hackers. I will be a very active admin, I look forward to seeing all of you on the server.

Just wanted to bump the post up. Make sure every has chance to get the server information and join the steam group. We can’t wait until Friday!

Hey guys,

 After playing tons of servers and having a lot of problems with noclips/hackers etc my friends and I decided we wanted to run our own server.  A few of us have programming backgrounds so we'll be working on mods to enhance our server as well.  You're welcome to come by and see how things are going and join a fun friendly community.  Look forward to seeing you guys at launch on Friday (Jan 10th 2014) at 7PM EST!  Have any questions join our steam group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/rhgrust and shoot one of us an invite on steam.  See you soon!

Just wanted to give you guys an update on our server. All mods have been disabled atm because of the new update. That just means we will be increase our lookout for hackers. Mods are always a nice luxury and we will definitely update you on in the future about any other server changes. See you Friday!!!


We implemented Rust++ and door sharing. Lets get some airdrops!!

Server is up and running great! Everyone is invited! Want to get our first airdrop!

Looking for more players still! Great time to start with fresh server. Zero hackers so far!

Server has been pretty active! Lots of cool people and action going on!

Always looking for more players! Airdrop free so it is a great server to build a house on. For now :wink:

Server is active! 20+ Regular players on looking for more to play with!

Server is still up and running strong 20+ players during day and 40+ during peak times!

This server has ZERO explosives so if you want a fun server to play on without losing your stuff overnight this is the one!

Always looking for more players! We have a wipe scheduled for Friday at 6PM EST. So if you are looking to get a fresh start with 30+ players you should come check us out!