US EAST Rust++ | Starter Kit | Sleepers | Insta-Craft | Active Admins | Noob friendly |

How to Connect

  1. Press F1
  2. Copy/paste: net.connect
  3. Server name is US EAST Rust++ |Starter|Insta-Craft|Active Admins|Noob friendly


-150 slots
-Instant crafting
-Door share
-Starter kit (stone hatchet, Sleeping Bag, Will add a bit more if needed)
-Admin Removal Tool (If you ever mess up and need something removed ask an admin!)
-Air Drops At 5 players :open_mouth: (Can be raised if needed)
-Active Admins (most of us have school so if you ever need something we should have a website setup soon)

  • We are also noob friendly (new to the game hopefully the people in the server and the admins can always help)

Thank you for looking at my thread!

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Bump before bed have a goodnight guys!