[US EAST][Rust++][Wiped 2/9][Enhanced Starter Kit][1/4 Craft][No Decay][Sleepers][Noobs Welcome]

About the server:
US East (NY)
Wiped: 2/9/2014
200 Slot
Enhanced Starter Kit (Pick Axe, 10x Cooked Chicken Breast, Torch, 5x Bandages, Hunting Bow, Arrows)
1/4 craft
Active admins
No decay

About 10-15 active during prime time on a day old server.

Plenty of time to farm before it gets crowded.

Plenty of space to build!

If you join, just let me know if you need anything.

Also, for new players I will be streaming later tonight to answer questions.

Follow me at: http://www.twitch.tv/killadrix77
Also answering questions on Twitter: @Killadrix



Just popping in to say I’m enjoying this server.

About 10-12 people online, with lots of places to build!

Haven’t been killed so far, but we’ll see how the night goes.

Back to building my love bungalow.

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Awesome! Enjoy your stay, bring friends, and let me know if you need anything : )

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