[US East] *RustHour* | HalfCraft | Uncraftable C4 | Active Admins | Events| RUST++ |




Server Location: New York

Hello and welcome to [US EAST] RustHour! We are here to have fun and survive! Hackers will be dealt with ASAP! Admins are active throughout the day. There will be no admin abuse on this server!

Daily Events
Starter Kit (Stone Hatchet, food, sleeping bag)
Active Admins
Half Craft
Uncraftable C4s
Random Airdrops|10 Player Airdrops (Will be upping to 50 player drop when server gets more populated!)
Modded Loot Tables

You can obtain C4’s from airdrops, zombies, and daily events.

Wiped: 2/18/2014


Gladiator: Players are chosen to duel one another. Two in the arena with the same items. Winner will be set to duel the winner of the next battle and it goes higher and higher until we have the ultimate GLADIATOR! The gladiator will walk away with a reward and his items from the challenge to commend his mighty skills.

The Maze: Players must go through a maze from the entrance to the end at night using only your trusty torch. Should you kill others from reaching the end or should you save yourself with your instincts?

More events coming soon…


------- General Commands --------
/help (Shows commands)
/history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/ping (shows latency between client and server)
/starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
/about (shows server mod version)
/rules (shows server rules)
/motd (shows the message of the day)

------ Private Messaging --------
/pm “playername” “message” (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
/r message here (quick reply to last PM)

------ Friend System ----------
/friends (shows your friends list)
/addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
/unfriend playername (removes a friend)

------ Door Sharing ------------
/share playername (shares your doors with a player)
/unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player)



all this lovely information and not even a location for the server…

man people really need to do their homework before trying to run a server i swear.

Server location is added and thanks for the compliment!



Speed Bump

Just tested this server and admins are active and fair. I hope more people will join so I can try these events!

Friendly people in this server. Tried it out for a few days now and ran into some people in-game, but all nice people. No Lag from my pov, admin is very helpful, and nice events so far. I WANT MORE FRIENDS IN THE SERVER COME JOIN AND PLAY WITH ME :zoid:

Thanks! Glad to see people enjoy the server!


Come try us out! :quagmire:

Bumper Cars :rock:

Just tried the server and have been playing for a couple of days, the players are really nice and so is the admin :smiley: #NoLag@All!

We have around 10-15 players at peak hours! Come join the fun!

Bump =]

Bump! Come play with us! :dance:

currently 7 players on! Noob friendly!


Terrific server and friendly admins! Come play with us

This is the best server ever! The admins are so friendly and they even have events.

We have 10 players on right now! Join us in our fun! :v: