[US-East]RustMecha[24HAdmin|DS|PM|Instacraft|NO-WIPES] *Rare weapons and Kev*

Hello everyone this is [Bear] i would like to welcome you to my server!

MY server IP-

What my server offers is nothing more then the usual mods that everyone else has, the only difference you might ask? Well not only our admins not powerhungry, trolling, nazi pirates riding giant eagles
They are fair, helping and kind just like Bill Murray. We have starter kits, Doorshare, instacraft, pm yada yada but our main SQUEEZE is that we have lowered the drop rate on all guns and Kevlar to prevent griefing
and did i mention we will **NOT WIPE ** the server until necessary.

Thank you and please come and join us :3

Honestly loving the atmosphere of the server so far! Just need a lot more people to come and join in on the fun!

hey dude its me i was on your server the other day with my friend and brother we havent stoppped playing since got sooo much stuff just like i said please never wipe and your king if you dont haha

No worries and if anything does go wrong add my steam [Bear] so it goes to my mobile and i will fix it asap :smiley: