[US East] RUSTOPIA! [ RUST++ | PVP | Sleepers | 1/4 Craft | Active Admins | [Wiped 1/18]

** →→ [US East] RUSTOPIA! [ RUST++ | PVP | Sleepers | 1/4 Craft | Admin Powers Limited | Air Drops | Wiped 1/25] ←←**

To connect, open console with F1 and paste the following:



Fresh Server (Wiped on 1/25/2014)
→ Oxide Mod
→ PVP (RPing Encouraged!) (PVP Events Planned)
→ Door Sharing
→ Sleepers Enabled
→ 1/4 Crafting Time
→ Starter Kits (Stone Hatchet, Bow & Arrows, 3 Cooked Chicken Breast)
→ Active and Friendly Admins with Powers LIMITED
→ Air Drops Set to 10 Players Minimum
→ Private Messaging
→ Grouping
ZERO Tolerance for Hackers/Exploiters

✪ Our admins will be open to all of your suggestions in order to create the most exciting and fun playing experience for you ✪

✪ We hope to see you soon and for you to call our server your new home!

Met Jinsu playing Battlefield 4 and have been grouping with him on Rust across several servers since then - great guy and fun group of friends.

This server is clean and ready to rock. People are helpful and the server is starting to get populated. There are events to be held and prizes to be won. If you need help please reach out to myself or any of the other friendly people on. But keep watching your back because this is still Rust. Oh yeah, and watch out for the Tunnel Snakes.:zoid:

Avoid this server at all costs. Admin abuse is extremely prevalent. If you touch any of the Admin’s friends whom he has door shared with will proceed on over to the admin building full of spawned equipment and bring enough C4 to destroy whatever progress you’ve made. Incredibly narcissistic and toxic group.

It sad that you think this, when the only admin abusing was your friend who tped to someone to kill them. I did not stop the brothers of the victim from going out and trying to find the previous admin’s house since they attacked legitimately with tons of grenades.

Yes. Hundreds of grenades. Totally legit. Absolutely. From a group that had played maybe a grand total of 7 or 8 hours. I believe you.

Wiped is a loose definition for this group; Player information isn’t wiped so aforementioned friendly chums with Grenades and weapon schematics researched and likely metal structures researched don’t have any major advantages, no sir.