[US]East | RustyBones | PVP | NoRules | Airdrops | Vanilla

Brand New Fresh Server (3/16)

-Oxide (only a few mods, removal tool, player list, chat history, etc…)
-No Rules
-Airdrops are set to 10 people
-Player list
-Chat History
-No Hackers
-No Lag
-No Durability
-1/2 Craft
-US East Coast Server
-Awesome Community

Come Join us and play!
To Connect to us:

This server seems great so far. People aren’t annoying and good admin. A new free world to build my fortress and have some fun battles with wolves or people.


up for a brand new server!

up for an IP update bc of a node change

Added a few mods so not vanilla anymore. Added door sharing and players list. Along with chat history and news. Come join us!

bump for a bunch of people joining, come join with us!

bump for new friday join session

up for population record of 16!


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Up for freshly wiped server