US East Server| PVE Focused with PVP enabled | C4 Airdrop only | Beginners Welcome | Prizes! |

Player mentality varies on the server but a general vibe of “You leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone” seems to be universal.

Most settings are default. Durability is enabled. Crafting time is standard.

PVP is enabled however EXCESSIVE raiding is frowned upon. This only applies to repeated raiding and does not apply to general PVP interactions.

Airdrops are every hour with only 1 player required.

The rules are: Enter and/or touch other players property at your own risk and of course, no cheating.

The server runs Rust Essentials. Type /help and /rules into the chat box for important information.

Admin is helpful, active, and addresses problems quickly. There will be no wipes. Population is low at the moment so plenty of space for every one. There will be small prize giveaways (extra wood, food, ammo, etc) every day or so. Admin is working on an arena where contestants can battle for larger prizes (weapon mods,large amount of supplies, etc). Server balance and player enjoyment are paramount.

While in the server selection screen of rust, press F1 and copy/paste “net.connect” without the quotes, into the console.

The server name is “☼ Iron Penguins|Beginners Welcome|No Wipe|Have Fun|Prizes!” and is run by The Iron Penguin group.