[US EAST] Shut Your Pie Hole /No admin Abuse/Oxide/Mature/PVP/Sleeepers/Doorshare/Quests/Arena/Limited C4

Greetings! We are a long standing multi-game guild who have been bit by the RUST bug. Looking for more fun people to join up and enjoy a nice laid back server. We recently constructed an arena and looking to build several more. We have about 20 regulars and a Ventrilo server is available.

We are NOT looking for kiddies to spam racist and sexual slurs 24/7.

We are looking for solo and groups of players to come build a fun long-lasting community.

Freshly wiped and still plenty of good spots to setup in. Most of the server will not KOS unless it’s a fight you’re looking for. Limited C4 and no admin abuse.


We also have a Ventrilo server our group uses, ask in chat for details.

Perfect for beginners or experienced players.

How limited is the C4?

Only drops from air raid (10 or more people on the server) and drops from zombies and crates. Loot tables not touched. C4 and explosives are not craftable.