[US EAST] SkyHigh - Oxide | Half Craft | PVP | Sleeper | Door Sharing | Airdrops | Admins | No Abuse | Noobs |


150 Slots! No Down Time! No Abusing Admins! No Wipes! Sound too good to be true? Its not! Non PVPing ADMINS!!

To Join -
Hit F1 to open console then paste
net.connect ""

Server wipes: Server has no planned wipes, we know how much they are hated. Only will wipe if REQUIRED to run the server, Or if a Overwhelming Majority Vote.

Mods: Oxide, Door share, No Decay, Half Craft, Chat History, Groups, Oxmin, Private Message, No C4 Crafting.

/help in-game for a list of commands

Do “/pm StarStreak” To speak to me privately about an issue.

Rules :

  • 0 Tolerance for Hacking, You will be instantly Banned.
  • If you witness any admin abuse, Pm StarStreak and it will be handled Immediately.

Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SkyHighGamin


nice server, playing now on it.

Bumpidy :smiley:


Bump <3

All time high of 19 people in 2 days :D. Airdrops inbound haha.

Bump, Looks like we got some clan wars going on :smiley:

Updated to oxide 1.8.2! Now I have the Remover tool which allows me to remove foundations placed bad.

Best Server I have played on

We hit 30 players! Amazing.

40 Players tonight, Wow. 3 Days for 40 Players.

50 players! I love u all

Le bump

Bump :smiley:

Go vote for the server now! http://toprustservers.com/server/8650#

Just FYI everybody, my brother, some friends, and I all joined this server after finding this post. It was going well for a week or so. We joined because of StarStreak being a fair admin and saying “Server wipes: Server has no planned wipes, we know how much they are hated. Only will wipe if REQUIRED to run the server.”

Tonight a large clan on the server told him they wanted and wipe so he did it. When I pointed out that this post said he would expressly not do that, he told me to find another server and banned me. So although up there it says “Only will wipe if REQUIRED to run the server.” it’s BS. So if you’re looking for a server with no wiping, this one isn’t for you.

Ah your the kid spamming my chat who was banned? Because 30 people who played on the server were wanting the wipe and you didnt. Kid you were banned for spamming now you come here and spam?

One post here isn’t spam. No rebuttal to you wiping the server after saying you would not?

And trying discount someone by calling them “kid” while listing your own age as 16 is a bit contrary.

And like I said, Kid. 30 People wanted the wipe So why would 2 People saying no matter? Stop complaining and just go find another sever, Your level of immaturity is showing right now.

Just logged on after the most recent patch and found the server had been wiped due to some pressure from a clan. Such a shame, seemed like I had finally found a solid Rust server, but, turns out this is just another one filled with 16 year old admin abuse.

Trust me, not a solid server, stay away.