[US East] TBG Rust (Door Sharing | No Craftable C4 | PVP | 50% [Wiped 1/19]

Connect to this server by hitting F1 to bring up console and then type:

Server Features (but are not limited to):
-50 Slots
-Door Sharing
-Chat History
-50% Crafting Time
-Modified Drop Tables For Airdrops (No Craftable C4)
-This Is A PVP Server With Sleepers On
-No Admin Abuse

Rules (bannable offenses):
-No Impersonating Other Players.
-No Hacking/Cheating/Using Exploits.

Server donations are appreciated.

Wipe History **

Solid server, friendly community.

Very frenry server

Bump for late night adventures!

really nice ppl on for now lol.Alpha i own the hood.

Good morning survivors!
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr’s Day!

Keep up the good work guys, literally perfect server just needs more people !!! keep em comin

nigga you gonna get blown the fuck out bitch, gonna make you bleed homie, bitch ass house nigga crip

No body gonna own no body on a no c4 server. Good luck getting a successful raid. c4 is population control.

While you can’t craft C4s you can still obtain them through drops and loots.
They have a low drop rate though, which is good for players that don’t want their house all blown to bits every so often while they are away or offline.


Awesome server! Keep up the good work!

Hey everybody, come check us out!!


You can get C4 through drops and such, and you can also still craft grenades.

Thanks to everyone who voted, we’re ranked #44 on Toprustservers.com!

Somehow i cant find the server?

We can’t connect to the server, what happened? :expressionless:

You can get c4 from looting crates/zombies. And in the mean time you can craft Grenades to get through metal doors. The reason why there are servers that disable C4 Crafting is because of how easy it is to make c4. The mats for C4 are incredibly easy to make in comparison to the grenades. On top of that, Grenades can’t bust down wooden walls; which makes raiding even harder. It requires a lot more time and it makes c4 that much more valuable when they do drop from loot.

It makes for better PvP.

Yeah and i cant find the server in the list too

Looks like it’s fixed

Server is back up! The server provider had a few problems on their end. In no way was this our doing, we keep the server the best it can and maintain it for you guys the players to enjoy!

With that said, we apologize for any server downtime and come in and get things rolling again!

I think the server needs an update