[US East] Terragrigia |PvP|Sleeper|50 Slot|Active Admins|Vanilla|

  • Server is about a week old, and has a small community(About 15 active players). Starting to advertise now.
  • PvP/KOS
  • 50 Slots(Increase if server traffic requires it).
  • Friendly community, will answer questions and help.
  • Very active player Admins, only commands used are kick/ban of any hacker.

1)No hackers
2)No griefing(within reasonable parameters)
3)No harassment (keep it funny, don’t make them rage off)

To Connect:
Hit F1 (on the main menu)
Type: net.connect

Steam Group:steamcommunity.com/groups/Terragrigia

Happy Rusting.

Also voice friendly.

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Uppin it

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