{US}East-The Creamery-All Welcome-Active Friendly Admins-PvP,Sleeper,AD's,StarterKit,Missions,Arena,Economy

Come check us out. Active friendly admins w/ a strict no abuse policy. We are looking for any and all players looking for a hardcore survival experience with PVP encouraged:-) Raiders and bandits are welcome though expect retaliation:-) We have many mods running including: oxide, economy,bounty,missions,name distance, friends and enemies lists, and more. Also open to suggestions though with the exception of equipment and structure decay being slightly adjusted most other core mechanics are normal. Give us a shot you could always leave if you don’t like it but I think you will.



help us build up guys want a busy server but need people to stay longer then a day to build those numbers plus the earlier you get on the better off you’ll be when it does get busy