[US EAST] Top PvP! 24/7 admin (Oxide/Sleep/PvP/25%Craft)

[US EAST] Top PvP! 24/7 admin (Oxide/Sleep/PvP/25%Craft) W 2/3/14

Press F1 ingame: net.connect

Freshly wiped server! 2/3/14
Next wipe: 4/1/14

Hello, and thanks for checking out our post! We’re a new Rust server looking for friendly, mature, active, and competitive players. To jump right into it things, this server is going to be a high end competitive PvP server. Top tier players can feel like they have a home while new players are also always welcome. You won’t get better unless you play with the best so we encourage you to hop on in! Last but not least make to to have fun! Our goal is to create a long term populated server for the community.


  • PVP | ON
  • Sleepers | ON
  • 1/4 Craft speed
  • Auto Starter Kit that includes: (1) Hunting Bow, (4) Raw Chicken Breast, (10) Arrows, (1) Stone Hatchet
  • Wipes | Every 2 months
  • Admin | Active 24/7 support – No abuse
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 25 players on the server)
  • Community | Friendly and helpful
  • 150 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed
  • Full PvP
  • No cheating, glitching, exploiting. We monitor the Rust forum hacker threads…known cheaters beware, banned on site!

Random Facts about our server!

-M4 are very rare to obtain same with its BP (possibly removing BP depending on feedback… Let us hear what you have to say!). Restricted to airdrops only since we want to make sure people need to work to get to the top!
-C4 obtained by air drop only, no C4 crafting! But we do have a little fun in store, since we only plan to wipe every 8 weeks, on the very last week before every wipe we will enable C4 Crafting for some crazy end game raiding action! Lets really see who built the strongest and baddest house! (Cannot learn the explosive ingredient to farm C4, however you can find C4 itself or obtain explosives VIA Airdrop)
-Mp5 is obtainable through weapon crates but the drop changes are extremely low… Same goes for its BP so if you end up finding one make sure you have a research kit ready and have your team behind you to get that baby back to a safe place.

  • p250, 9MM are also some what hard to obtain but easier at the same time since the drop chance is higher. Guns don’t grow on trees around here!
  • Research kits very rare since we don’t want people just able to craft anything. Zombies(Bandits), crates, etc drop them but the chances are low so be sure to save it for stuff that matters!
    -Starter kits! No point wasting time farming some cloth or chasing a pig when you can be looking for your friends! We start you off automatically with a some what aggressive starter kit! All automated!
    -PvP We want to thrive around that term. We’re here to frag and have fun! Hopefully we will get a stat system setup server side soon but until then frag to protect your territory!
  • 24.7 admin and admin support with our friendly staff that will be monitoring game play at all hours
  • Airdrops are gold. M4s, C4s, Ammo, Planks etc. Worth dying for! No one will get “super geared” by finding an airdrop but they do have lots of goodies.
  • Location is Chicago, 150 slots!
  • Lots of helpful commands, /help /history /who /list /ghelp etc!
  • Special events will occur anytime the server has 35+ players. Such as an arena fight in our pre-made Metal Arena or an air drop party (once a day).
  • 99% up time! so you never have to worry about not being able to play in your server!

**List Of Plugins: **
Stats - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/stats.55/
Remover Tool - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/remover-tool.54/
Door Sharing - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/door-sharing.2/
Oxmin - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/oxmin.1/
Loot Spawn Lists - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources...spawn-lists.5/
Chat History - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/chat-history.17/
List Players - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/list-players.10/
Auto Starter Kit - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources...arter-kit.101/
Crafting Controller - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources…-controller.6/
Chat Moderation - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources...moderation.76/
Groups - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/groups.13/
Private Messaging - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources...e-messaging.4/
Airdrop Frequency Controller - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources...ontroller.100/
Players List - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/players-list.70/
Nudity ON - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/nudity-on.57/
Death Handler - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/death-handler.58/
GrassOff - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/grassoff.51/
Game Time - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/game-time.99/
Compass / Location mod - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources...ation-mod.170/
Polling - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/poll-system.127/
Tickets - http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/tickets.38/

Thanks for reading this and I hope you guys check out our server! Looking forward to the feedback people!

GOOD SERVER, seriously

gettin crew in nowww, very nice concepts.


pretty legit loot tables, no downtime, no lag, its quality, gonna be staying on this one.

Thanks guys really appreciate it!

your missing out if your not in here boys! great server.

Most of you have 1 post. Seems pretty spammy.

Well thankfully you have 1100 posts…
Not like this game is in alpha or anything so people are just starting to use sites like this that play the game!


Not to mention your name is SPAMMER.


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uhh ok? so what if my name is spammer who are you lol?

My point is, you all have <4 posts and all joined on the 4th of Feb.

You’re likely the same person.

lol? you really think i care enough to create four accounts just to post on some “facepunch” website? your out of your mind i don’t even know this site im just helping a friend out i use esea.net.