[US EAST]=TrueGrit= | OXIDE | Rare Mil-Gear/C4 | Non-Admin Abuse Server!

**Welcome to the 100 man =TrueGrit= Adult PVP server!



We created our server because we wanted the complete Rust gaming experience. Since Rust is still an alpha, there are many things that need tweaking for optimal gameplay.
Tired of hackers and abusive admins, we vow to run the perfect server we are capable of.

Our Rules:

  1. No Admin Abuse:

This is the big one, no admin on our server will ever abuse privileges in any way. There is no exception.
We use Oxmin to prevent admins from being able to spawn in items, airdrops, or anything that is simply not needed in an abuse free server.
We’ve already had to revoke admin powers from two friends because of minor abuse. That’s how serious we are.

  1. No Hacks:

We do not tolerate hackers, they will be banned, nuff said.

  1. No Wipe / Wipe Protection:

We do not wipe.
And we have constant automatic backups to prevent loss of player data. This ensures that what you do isn’t lost to an accidental data corruption of the save files. The only way to lose things is the old fashion way: PVP.

  1. Mature Environment:

We do not enforce stupid server rules about “bad words” and no political/religious arguments.
Talk about anything you want, but if you act like a dummy… Expect to be treated like one.

  1. Your Opinions Matter!

We actively play with and listen to our player’s suggestions, advice, and concerns. We know that the thing that makes a server great are it’s players. We listen and work with our players to make the best gaming experience possible.
If you have anything to tell us about the server or its operation, all you have to do is contact an admin and we will listen.

Server Features:
Our Server is hosted in the East Coast with Multiplay game servers. They offer some of the fastest and most stable Rust servers at the moment.

  • 100 Slots.
  • Located in Herndon, Virginia.
  • Address:
  • Uncraftable Military Gear (Includes: Kevlar, Military style weapons, C4 Explosives, and Grenades.)
  • Rare Military Gear.
  • 15 man Airdrop Limit (Subject to change).
  • 1/4th The normal crafting time.

Mods powered by Oxide:

  • Door Share.
  • Chat History.
  • Crafting Controller.
  • Death Messages.
  • Player List.
  • Loot Spawn List.
  • Oxmin.
  • Ping.
  • Private Messaging.

We are always on the cutting edge of server modding. We constantly watch mods and update the server with new and useful mods that improve Rust gameplay, not alter it.


I love what I hear, How do I Join?

When Ingame, at the menu screen. Press the F1 button and copy paste this command:


great sever, friendly admins.

Thanks chap.