[US EAST] Vanilla Rust | PVP/Sleepers/No Lag/Active Admins

Hey FacePunch Rust community,

Vanilla Rust has just opened and we are pushing for it to be a success. We are keen on keeping it hacker free with a clean community. We are fresh so it’s a perfect time to come and start your adventure.

Our server will contain all the necessities that you enjoy in a Rust server. We are always open for suggestions & are excited to have you join us!

Connection address:

See you soon

Vanilla Rust Staff



Had 17 players lastnight! Let’s try to keep growing and growing :slight_smile:

Yesterday we reached 40 players!

Today was another 40 day, lets keep the fun coming! (:

Today we reached 70 players! still tons of improvement to make.

Another 70 player day! come join the fun (:

Our host had unfortunate issues with NY server, but we’re back on a more stable server. Hopefully our old 80+ player base returns! I am looking forward to growing the server back to full potential!
New IP:

Reached 20 players, lets continue to grow!

We’re back and hoping to continue to reach full potential! Come join the fun (: