[US EAST] Whispers Gaming | CUSTOM | Economy | PvP | NEW


  • Oxide
  • Economy
  • Door sharing / groups / friend list / PM
  • Player List
  • Active Admins
  • Completely non-abusive Admins
  • Freshly wiped (new server)
  • Flapjacks and hookers :dance:
  • Friendly, helpful community
  • Server is wiped every month to keep the game fresh and fun.
  • The server is all about fun. We don’t take things too seriously, and there are no rules besides USE COMMON SENSE.

Feel free to join whenever. We usually have around 10 players on and are trying to grow.


In case you are unaware of how to connect, press F1 and type this in: net.connect “”

Thank you for giving the server a shot! :dance: