[US- East] Wild Wild Rust - New Server 2/21/14!

Welcome to our brand new server called Wild Wild Rust.
We launched on** 2/21/14 **at 4PM EST!
Press F1 and paste net.connect

▊▊ Steam Group ▊▊
We post all announcements and news to our steam group to help keep players informed.
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Wild-Wild-Rust ◄ Our Public Steam Group

▊▊ Server About Page ▊▊
Wild Wild Rust is a brand new server looking to create the perfect server for you and your friends!We have 2 admins who are both adults (I’m 24 myself) and active. One is in the US and the other is in the Netherlands So we an monitor the server most of the day.

We want Wild Wild Rust to be a place players can enjoy without fear of cheaters ruining a good time. We are always open to suggestions and ways we can improve our server! We want this to be YOUR server and not just for us. We are really open about communication as we have a public TeamSpeak 3 server and an growing steam group that you can join anytime and chat with us.

▊▊ Server Settings ▊▊
:radioactive: PvP = On
:radioactive: Server Wipe = NONE!
:radioactive: Sleepers = On
:radioactive: Airdrops = @ 5 people
:radioactive: Durability = x10 Stronger
:radioactive: Craft Time = Half
:radioactive: CheatPunch = On
:radioactive: Location = New York
:radioactive: Slots = 100
:radioactive: TeamSpeak 3 = TS.Onepeace.net

▊▊ Server Commands ▊▊
All current commands can be found on our steam group at:

We have a remove tool that lets players remodel & expand their home anytime. You can remove any object part, such as pillars, foundations and any furniture items placed inside your home as well. Here is a guide for the removal tool if you need help http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Wild-Wild-Rust/discussions/0/558748822556625630/

▊▊ Contact Us ▊▊

  1. Join our steam group and post a discussion http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Wild-Wild-Rust
  2. Skype = relax-and-play (Austin / Mr. Impossible)
  3. TeamSpeak 3 IP: TS.OnePeace.net (Rust channel is near the bottom)
  4. E-Mail = wildwildrust@gmail.com

Looking for more! Brand new server guys :slight_smile:

We are working on a website and should be coming soon, for now use the steam group!

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Anyone who joins automatically gets a wild west kit, come check us out!

We just updated and increased durability 100x!!!

Upgraded server from 50 to 100 slots

Join today! We are currently vanilla again buts soon we have the remove tool and such back on!

It’s a fun and friendly server. There are active admins and members who will help you get started.

We really want you people start playing, we keep adding more days to the server if we get more players online/ So if you join it could make the differences of keeping this server alive

Hey guys, figure I’d drop in and say Hi. Been playing on here the past few days.

Looking for more people!

New banner and Currently ranked 18 on toprustservers!