[US East] WIPED 2/23/2014, adult admins, 18+ mature, PVP, Noob Friendly, Oxide, Server Teamspeak

Hey Guys. We are adult full time admins and presenting our Rust Server! Just come over say hello and enjoy the game.

#1 No Hackers! No Cheats!
#2 No abuse/Bug using/Exploit using/ or any other kind of new shit!
#3 No Griefing!
#4 Please speak english or german/no violation
#5 Survive!
#6 Craft!
#7 Enjoy!

Wiped on 2/15/2014

  • Fastcraft (1/2)
  • PVP enabled
  • Airdrops @ 10
  • Sleepers enabled
  • Active admin
  • Rust++ [1.5.3 (magma coming soon)]
  • Doorsharing
  • Teamspeak Voice Server (encodoc.typefrag.com)
  • 75 Slots
  • and more coming soon

Currently 3 active admins available for you!

We are also recruiting admins for this server, post in game or on teamspeak for an interview.

Come join us!