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24/7 Uptime
Server-Launched: 1/17/2014

Oxide Server 1.9, Currency System, Working Bounty, Stable (Low Ping), Dedicated Server, Professional Admins (No Admin Abuse Tolerated), Custom Content, 50 Slots, Looking for active community, All players welcome!

We here at Jagermeister Gaming welcome you in joining our search for player expansion! We’re looking to recruit new players for our server and we want you!

We plan on giving you the best friendly community and staff experience that rust has to offer. As well as a intense pvp gaming experience, all without random server restarts.

We are a US-East Coast Server, therefore we will have admins on between certain times. 1:00P.M.-2:00A.M.
Below, listed is a few in game perks:

Location: Chicago

Donations: Donations will be enabled soon

Vac-Protection: Enabled

Server-Update-Schedual: 1:00-2:00 EST

PVP: Enabled

Sleepers: Enabled

Decay: Enabled

Weapons: All Available

Beginner-Friendly: Yes

Seeking-Admins: No

Voice-Server: Teamspeak -

Crafting-Time-Percent: Instant

Slots: 50

Admin-Power-Usage: Partial

Admin-Usernames: GSxHidden/Wellfedsyco/BostonCowboy

Airdrop-Min-Players: 10+

Airdrop-Events: Yes

Website: rust.jagermeister.com (Under Construction)

Forum: None

No Cheats, Hacks, Scripts, Bots or any other 3rd party programs.

Email: rust.jagermeister.gaming@gmail.com

  • or -

InGame: /pm GSxHidden/Wellfedsyco/BostonCowboy


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