US Wiped 1-4-14 Admin Abuse

While I was running around scoping for people to kill, I saw a kevlar guy inside of his wood spikes, so I jumped over and started trying to kill him, his name was Element0. After about 8 pickaxe swings, I stopped because I knew he was god moding so I was like, fine, he’s an admin, I’ll leave him alone…(Since most admins do that when they don’t play the game) He came back started shooting at me. And I just said, “Hey, nice god mode” He said I’m admin, and I said, I know tons of admins that do that only use god mode and don’t play the game, but if you’re playing you should take it off. He stopped for a split second and I started gathering wood by his house to get out of the spike fortress he had, and he kills me. He then further starts talking shit about how he likes to play the game on his server and blah blah blah it’s his and he can do what he wants. But yeah, if you don’t feel like getting killed by a god mode admin, don’t go on this server.

Bump, wanna make sure people see this and don’t join his server.