[US]Elfoos Rust|InstaCraft|Removal Tool|No Durability|Door Share ***Wiped 8 May***


This is a PvP Server
This is a PvP Server, but with that said we discourage killing nudies as soon as they join the server. Since we are currently a pretty small community we know who is new and try to give them a little time to get started before the fun begins. It’s no challenge killing a nudie who just started, so why even do it?

Our Server Admins
This server is run by a group of adults who want to provide a hacker free and admin corruption free experience server. After playing on several servers where admins would spam airdrops, give items to friends, or not be around to ban hackers, we decided to start our own server where we can monitor the server ourselves and provide a fun unspoiled experience for the players.
Most admins you will not even notice they are admins as they are just like a regular player with the ability /kick /ban any hackers and use their admin tools only to investigate a suspected hacker. Admins will not give out items to players or themselves. Aside from monitoring the server, they are just regular players.

We are running Essentials

  • No Durability
  • Location
  • Starter Kits
  • Door Share
  • TPA
  • Remover Tool
  • Airdrops once per hour when number of people on server is met (5 people to start the server)

Come in and join us for some fun. If you have any questions, please ask. Admins are here to help!

Server has been wiped as of 10 minutes ago!

Just need a few people to get this thing going, fresh server!

Give me some more ideas about what you would like to see on this server and I’ll try to implement!