(US) Epidemic PVP NOSLPR

Epidemic is a new 100 slot server that is pvp enabled with no sleepers and fast crafting. We welcome all players that want a level playing field and enjoyable experience. You can find the server under the modded tab of the game browser. Get started now so you don’t get a late start!


Tired of abusive admins ruining your experience or waiting for a slot to open on the official servers? Epidemic has a single admin that plays the game like everyone else. Worried if you kill the admin that you will be kicked or banned? Wont happen here. Play on the server for a chance to win this months raffle. A Rust steam key for a friend.

Who is going to win the Rust key for a friend raffle for December. Hop on and play for a chance to win.

We help new players learn the game. Stop by if you have questions.

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No sleeper means your character does NOT stay in the game when you disconnect.

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Steam key giveaways for the playerbase!

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