[US] Eric's Rust Server! - Reset 20/12/2013 - Sleepers Enabled! - PvP!

Hey everyone!

Eric’s Rust Server is a brand new server I opened today, hosted in Chicago. The average ping is about 30-40, for myself (I’m in a different country from where it’s hosted, although). Sleepers are enabled, along with PvP! We haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever. Our player cap is 50, at the moment. The server was opened today with a brand new map, so if you’re sick of joining servers that are full of people with M4’s, gunning everyone down, come join us! The minimum amount of players for airdrops is 5. We only have one admin (myself) to avoid any abuse, and I will also never take my admin powers for granted, I like to play legit!

The server name is [US] Eric’s Rust Server! (PVP)
To join, search by name in the server list or open your console (F1) and type net.connect and hit enter, then you will begin to join!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Been playing on this server for a few hours. So far it’s been a lot of fun! Only seen a few guys so far but everyone’s been pretty cool.

What about mods?