[US] Essentials/Airdrops/Kits/Noob Friendly/Active Admins

Hey guys, I just rented a server for rust, and needed some people to come join! Right now we have lots of admins (All from my clan members and real life friends) so we are covered in that department, but we don’t have a lot of people joining.

Plugins we currently have:
-Instant Craft
-Set Home
-Economy (For essentials and homes)
-No Decay
-Airdrops (At 15 players, will lower if we continue to have barely anyone joining)
-And more to come

If you have a plugin you might want me to add feel free to message me about it.
Also we are currently giving away wood and stone (One stack) to get people started.

To join, go ingame and click F1. Then type net.connect
Just copy and paste so you don’t have to remember.


Thank you for reading and have fun :smiley:

Server has been wiped on 5/3.

Also I have removed Decay so that buildings wont dissolve randomly.

Great server and admins are very active.

Fantastic server, Great admins, just a fun time. No useless bullcrap. Join up and game.

Make sure to type /kit to get the starting kit when you join. Also msg a admin about the Wood and Stone stack to redeem it.

Thanks, I was wondering how to get a starter kit.

net.connect < good server < beta coming to this early

It’s kinda rude to post that on someones else’s server post.