[US]EST[PVP]Sleepers[12/26] New Player Friendly!

Good Evening Everyone!

Server is up, have a small community of about 10 people on this server right now. No admin base will be built and I will be playing like everyone else. Main reason I wanted my own server was to help prevent hackers and get rid of them. New player friendly!

150 Slots!
12/26 Fresh server
Airdrops are set to start at 50 players for right now. If there’s enough on active, I may lower it.

For you new players! Hit f1 and type " net.connect " press enter and you will be in the server! After that it should show up in your server history.

See you in game, :slight_smile:
Timex1 (Rodney)

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky. Make ONE thread, not TWO" - postal))